23 mai 2008

Pas les poux, pas les poules, les poulpes.

Tout ce que vous mourrez de savoir sur les poulpes!

- Octopuses kept as pets have been known to open the covers of their aquariums and survive for a time in the air in order to get to a nearby feeder tank and gorge themselves on the fish there

- In 2005 it was reported that some octopuses can walk on two arms on a solid surface, while at the same time imitating a coconut or a clump of seaweed.This is a standard evasive measure of the octopus that safely allows it to slowly meander away from a predator while presumably unnoticed.

- Though octopuses can be difficult to keep in captivity, some people keep them as pets. Octopuses often escape even from supposedly secure tanks, due to their intelligence, problem solving skills, mobility and lack of rigid structure.

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Pinocchio a dit...


Nayrus a dit...

T'es sur un rampage? Tu te tapes mon blog au complet ce soir?

C'est bien.


Oh. Je viens d'updater, soit dit en passant.

Pinocchio a dit...

Ouais, j'aime ça lire les blogues en entier, les rares qui sont l'fun à lire... Le tien a définitivement un petit goût bien à lui, j'aime.

D'hab, je le fais en catimini, I guess I decided to be an attention whore.